Sunday, June 12, 2011

21 Day Adventure Cleanse- Day 7- Sunday, June 12th

Daily questions to be answered at the end of each day on Crazy Sexy 21 Day Adventure Cleanse

  1. Did you abstain from coffee? Yes....
  2. Did you abstain from alcohol? Easy peasy, even at a Wine Fest- I don't drink much anyway. Designated Driver all the way!
  3. Did you abstain from gluten? Mostly- although I noticed there was some in the soy sauce I have.
  4. Did you abstain from animal products? Yup.
  5. Did you abstain from crack (aka sugar) and choose low-glycemic fruits and better alternatives such as stevia or agave? Mostly- I had some kettle corn at the Wine Festival, but avoided it everywhere else. 
  6. Did you dry brush today? FAIL.
  7. Did you cleanse your sinuses with the good ol' neti pot? No...
  8. Did you move your body for at least thirty-five minutes? Yup...pushed my two year old around in the stroller at the Wine Festival- up and down hills- and ran around with him in the grass too :) 
  9. Did you meditate for fifteen to twenty minutes? Yup. 
  10. Did you chew your meals thoroughly and mindfully? Did really well at breakfast, forgot at lunch and dinner.
  11. Did you laugh out loud and tell someone you loved him or her today? Yes!
  12. Did you spend time in nature? Even five minutes is better than nothing.  Yup, the Wine Festival was at a local park- pretty! Sat in the grass and listened to the live band. 
  13. Did you get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep? Not quite 8, but close.
  14. What did you eat today and did you juice? I did not juice, I don't have a juicer- but I did start the day with the glass of water with lemon and cayenne like it recommends, and drank a lot of tea.   I won't list all that I ate each day here on the blog, I do that on My Food Diary and I don't think people really want to read all that. :
  15. How much purified water did you consume? You can include fresh veggie juices in your calculationA lot! I carry a cup with a lid with me all day long and keep it filled. 
  16. What supplements did you take? B vitamin supplement
  17. How was your elimination? TMI FOR A BLOG. :) 
  18. What time did you stop eating? Three hours before bed is optimum. Around 8:30, closer to two hours than three. My schedule makes three hours pretty tough. 
  19. How do you feel physically? I have more energy overall, felt great pushing the heavy stroller around the grass up and down the hills, even though it was hot. It was also more easy to chase after my two year old. It was great. Also don't feel as bloated, feel lean and happy. 
  20. How do you feel emotionally? Good! A little sad midday, but the time outdoors at the festival with my family helped that, ending the day super happy. :) 

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