Monday, November 5, 2012


Transitions abound. We have settled in Seattle and now it's time for me to stop using the 'we just moved here' excuse and get started with the things I have neglected over the last few months with all the chaos. It's time.

Some of those things are:

Yoga- I did it for the first time today (after a few weeks of "I really need to start that up again") and boooooooooy...did I feel the several month lapse. I am not flexible to begin with- yoga just helps me look less UN-flexible - and today my muscles were screaming for me to stop, well, USING them. Sorry muscles. It's time.

Art- I have an Etsy shop that has been a long time coming where sell hand painted children's clothes. No stencils or templates, just me n' my paintbrush. Today I went to pick up some new items to paint and post. It's time.

Juicing- This is a new one. I have read and reread Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet and there are several posts on here from when I was doing the 21 Day Adventure Cleanse. I have long been downing green smoothies, but never had a juicer to try that mode of green veggie consumption. Soon after we moved I scored a really affordable used juicer off a local list-serve I'm on. Really high quality, really expensive juicer, barely used, for waaaaaaaay less than I could ever buy it new (I probably couldn't buy it new). It was such an awesome score. That was several months ago and I kept putting off actually trying it out (it required that I READ DIRECTIONS. Very difficult. ) But finally yesterday I tried it and it was everything I thought it would be. I went out right away and got more good greens to stuff down the shoot and used it again today. It was great.

Mmmm tasty. 

Let's drink to transitions.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cross Post: Year of Yoga X2

This is cross post from the other blog I write on my Year of Yoga and special needs orphan awareness. I don't have that blog linked to here, so I will periodically cross post from there to here. This is one of those posts.
I finished my Year Of Yoga back on October 31st, it was a wonderful experience. Trying not to 'mess up a streak' made me practice when I didn't feel like it, when I didn't think I had time, or when I wanted to do something else instead- and it was invaluable.

I cannot tell you how much it affected me for the better during that year. It was like my 'reset' button everyday. If I was grumpy, I was less so afterward. If I was anxious, I was calmer afterward. If I was happy, I was happier afterward.

For full disclosure I must mention, my year of practicing was not perfect, there were days that were totally busy and I completely forgot that I hadn't practiced that day until it was 11 and I was lying in my bed almost asleep- but there weren't too many of those, and when one is doing yoga 6 days per week all year long...even with mistakes, there is much accomplishment.

After I finished the year on October 31st, 2011, I took a break. I think it's important when you push yourself to accomplish something, that you give yourself rest afterward so you don't burn out. I felt that I was in danger of that, so I took a break for November. Then in December, I decided that I would get back into it, but not as a 'have to' thing, just as a normal exercise during the week.

Well...I can't be trusted to do things that are good for me I guess unless I have some kind of goal I have to meet. Even though I enjoy it, even though I know how amazingly beneficial it is for both my body and my mood, even though it only takes 20-30 minutes of my time, there were too many days that I just didn't get to it.

SO...because this is going to be another big year and I need all the help I can get to cope with the uncertainty and change, I decided last Sunday to do another Year of Yoga. Six days a week for a year. I will finish up next year in January. Already I can see what a giant difference having a goal I'm trying to reach makes. This week I made time every day of the six. I just made time. I guess goals are what I need.

I feel so much better today after six days of practice. Better in body than I have in two months.

As I do this Year of Yoga, I will continue to dedicate my practice to Porter from Reeces Rainbow. He doesn't have a family yet, so I continue to pray for him and send love to him as I complete my practice every day.

Please join me in another Year of Yoga for Porter and all special needs orphans.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

100 Posts!

Guess what! I just noticed that the post from yesterday was my 100th post on this blog! I don't know why I am so excited about that, but I am. Such a great number! I also don't feel like I have posted that many, I guess because until this month, I posted so sporatically; so that's another reason I am finding it so fun!
So today I am just going to relax and celebrate making it to 100 posts!  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Remember my Year of Yoga? I finished in November and then decided to go back to 'No Goal' yoga. Having a regular practice, but not having to do it if I didn't feel like it. I wasn't going to do another year, because I thought, "hey, I did that already", but what I'm finding is, unless I have to because I don't want to mess up a goal or a streak, I find it really easy to do anything else but my yoga. Even though know how beneficial it is and even though  its really a very minimal time commitment.

So, since I need the benefits that yoga gives me, especially since I have a lot going on this year with all my husband's interviews and our move to...somewhere...I thought I would do another Year of Yoga. Starting today. Another year- yoga six days a week. This go round will end on January 22, 2013.


But one day at a time, right? :)