Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yoga for Kaylee

As you might have read in previous posts, in November 2010 I gave myself a goal to do yoga six days a week every week for the month of November and that this was an attempt to breathe life back into the 'once in awhile' yoga practice that I had not-so-much-going. Then when I completed the month of November, I realized how much I really enjoyed the daily yoga practice and was starting to see some benefits, so I decided to do one more month. Then I decided to do a whole year.

Since then, I completed one and a half more months of yoga and discovered Reece's Rainbow. I spent every night for a week pouring over the faces of the beautiful children who need families, wishing there was more that I could do. One little girl's face kept coming back to me, and I wished there was something else I could do for her. After much more scouring of the website, I found out that I could be a 'Warrior' for her- by making a commitment to advocate and try to raise awareness and funds for her adoption grant. That is something I can do.
Not long after, while I was doing one of my daily yoga practices, I realized- why don't I do my Year of Yoga for Kaylee! People raise money for marathons and triathlons and all kinds of things- why not for yoga?

So I have now decided to not only do a Year of Yoga for my own health and well being, but to help raise awareness and funds for a little girl who needs a family.

I am keeping a separate blog for that project which is connected to a different email address (it also has my real name attached, so...now you know) :). Eco-ing Myself is kind of my personal thing, and I don't really want ALL my family and friends knowing about it. Maybe that sounds weird, but if I know some of my family (who I DO want to know about the Yoga for Kaylee project) are reading it, then I also know that I will subconsciously edit myself and that is something I don't want. I will still be posting about some yoga things here- I will probably cross post from there to here- but on this blog I will also be talking about food, my Read Through the Centuries Project (only two chapters left on The Scarlet Letter!), and other random thoughts and musings that I have. So please continue to read this blog if you are already doing so!  Most everything going on at my other blog will be going on here, but not everything going on here will be going on over there if that makes sense.

Also, please read along with my Yoga for Kaylee journey! I know the economy sucks and lots of us don't have a lot of extra, but if you'd like to sponsor me per month or just to make a one time donation- every little bit helps! The money goes directly into a fund to help Kaylee's future family cover the high costs of international adoption and is tax deductible. Many families want to adopt, but the financial aspect is daunting. Reece's Rainbow helps families realize their calling to adopt a special needs child by providing ways to offset these costs.

If you are not able to donate financially at this time- positive thoughts and prayers are very valuable! Your prayers for Kaylee, Kaylee's future family, and for a successful yoga fundraising campaign are much appreciated!

Thanks for continuing to read Eco-ing Myself. I truly enjoy writing this blog, and I truly appreciate all those who read it.


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