Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Made It To Another Book!

(Notice I said "To" another book and not "Through" another book.)

How goes the Read Through the Centuries Project you ask? GREAT! I read The Scarlet Letter!

Oh hey....did that not impress you? Are you sitting there saying..."Wait...didn't you read that back in 2010?" and then did you think "and waaaait...didn't you say you were going to do some follow up on it once you finished?"

Yes and yes.

I read it awhile ago- what can I say, I'm slow. As for follow up....here it is:

I read it! It was good! You should read it! Don't let your Tenth Grade Self tell you it was stupid and boring! Your tenth grade self doesn't know what he/she is talking about! 

There's my follow-up. That is probably going to be what 'follow-up' will look like for this project. If I give myself too many responsibilities like Writing More Than Three Sentences- I'm going to quit. I just know it. We don't want that. So we are going to institute a "Did You Like It? Check Yes Or No" policy on the rest of the books in the project. I will write more if I'm moved to do so, if not, then not.

Plus, the point is just to read a variety of books, not to get all academic and whatevs. Not that there is anything wrong with that of course.

So ON to the next book!  Which is...(drum roll)...Go Tell It On The Mountain by James Baldwin. I picked that up in the library today. I was a history major in college (which probably explains this project) with a concentration in African American Studies (who knew right?!) so this book practically jumped off the shelf and said READ ME.

And who am I to turn down some poor lonely book when it just wants to be read and loved? No sir, I will not reject a book that throws itself at me in that way. 

Ok, so that might be an exaggeration. The book just informed me that it "in no way threw itself at me like some cheap paperback romance and that if I don't tell the real story its going to march it's cute little binding back to the shelf from whence it came".

Well ok, Book. I'll tell the "real" story. I was the one seduced by the shiny cover and the interesting sounding write up on the back. There. Happy now? Geez...books these days.

Although, I seem to remember that it MIGHT have shimmied itself a little in my direction. I refuse to take all the responsibility.

Anyway, I will start reading it as soon as I finish rereading The Memory Keeper, which I'm almost finished. I read that one before I had a kid, so its proving interesting to read again afterward. Its a good one. I recommend it. (And its recent for all you Don't Like Old Books people).

Now, thanks to this post, all I'm going to be thinking about for the rest of the day is why book is pronounce book and not b-ew-k. Cause that's how its spelled. English- who wrote the rules for this language?!