Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mayo Shmayo

I am trying to go Vegan...more on that later (in short- I found out I was allergic to cheese after many years of digestive system issues so...no cheese...no dairy. Cheese being the main reason I wasn't considering vegan in the first place- I figured...well, since cheese is out...might as well go all the way! It's a slow process, mostly regarding baked goods and things where animal ingredients are more 'hidden'...but there you go. I'm trying.)

ANYWAY, I used up all my regular mayo- since I'm not throwing out things I already bought...just using them up and then replacing them with their vegan alternatives when they're gone- and was in the store looking for a vegan mayo replacement. I have never had vegan 'mayo' so I didn't really know how this experiement was going to go. At this particular store, my choices were limited to...one brand...so I picked that up and left.

Here's what I got:

Enter Nayonaise.

Once I got home...I still wasn't sure how fake mayo would taste, so with much trepidation...I opened the jar and tentively tasted just a smidgeon. And then another smidgeon. And then a more generous smidgen.


And do you know WHY I now think Nayonaise is the best thing since sliced vegan bread?! Because (at least in my warped opinion), it tastes just like Miracle Whip. And I LOVE Miracle Whip.

Now, I know that Miracle Whip is kind of an aquired taste. My dad loves it and therefore, I ate it at his house. My mom on the other hand...thinks it's absolutely disgusting and banned it from her refrigerator shelves. So, I suppose the moral of this story is...if you aren't a fan of Miracle Whip, you might not like Nayonaise, but you might!...try it for yourself!

Bring on the Facon Lettuce and Tomatos!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Disposing of the Daily Dirt- UPDATE

Two of the blogs I follow recently posted on the issue of dog waste and how best to dispose of it. Both have good ideas so I wanted to share them:

The Mindful Merchant found some biodegradable bags that actually degrade and she did a trial with actual doggie messes to see if they were up to the job. Answer: They were! Check out her post for more info!

The Greenists also had an interesting discussion on the issue. Here's the poop!

These ideas coupled with my friend Lucy's suggestion to keep one bag (until it's full, instead of one bag per 'deposit') in the backyard and to use a shovel for pick up means that I will now be a little more environmentally efficient when picking up after my dogs.

So thanks guys, I now I know what to do with poo. :)