Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crazy Sexy Adventure...CLEANSE!

About two months ago I bought the book Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr after I looked through a friend's copy. It didn't disappoint- her writing style is super friendly and its like talking to your BFF over coffee (or herbal tea as the case may be). Her suggestions are not super new to me, I've been floating over toward the vegan, raw side of the food spectrum for awhile and have read some other stuff on that lifestyle and my dad had long ago introduced me to things like essential oils and neti pots (he's pretty hippie for a Republican haha) :), but I definitely love getting a more in depth view and more motivation to continue my journey toward vegan, high raw living. Plus, its just a really fun book to read.

In the back of the book is a section with a 21 Day Adventure Cleanse, which I of course thought would be a good idea, but actually putting that good idea into motion was another story. I don't know what instigated my actually starting this cleanse two months after getting the book, but I did- on Monday. I don't have too much in the way of birthday parties and other gatherings with food until a little over three weeks from now, so hey- perfect timing for 21 days of clean eating.

Each day, Ms. Carr gives you positive affirmations and ideas for meditation, and general motivation for each day. She feels that positive thinking and speaking to and about oneself in an affirming way is a critical component to getting and staying well and in making permanent positive changes in one's health and well being.

Also included is a daily question sheet with 20 questions to sort of journal/evaluate each day on the cleanse. Since I have been slacking on this blog for awhile, and because I want to journal my progress, I'm going to answer those questions here each day. (I will be starting tomorrow on Day 4, because I after a day passes I am terrible at remembering food details, so I don't want to go backwards).

In the mean time, definitely check out Kris Carr and her awesome book, as well as the online community- which is super active and has super duper awesome people that hang out there.

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