Friday, January 6, 2012

Today I took a small step to do something outside my comfort zone. I have been having some fear challenges (I was going to say 'issues', but 'challenges' is more positive) in a certain area of my life that have held me back from enjoying something that I have always have. Something happened to diminish my confidence, and because this is an activity where injury is a very real possibility, dimished confidence equals fear. I have been dealing with this fear for almost two years now (with a little improvement- not enough), but I'm still not thoroughly enjoying the activity I once did. Finding excuses to not participate, etc.

Well in 2012, I would like to actively work towards a few things, and rebuilding my confidence and, as a result, enjoyment of this pastime, is one of them. Little steps definitely count. Today I stepped outside my fear just a little, to work on that. Was I nervous, yes, but I was THERE. Living. Trying. Doing instead of thinking about it. Would anyone have noticed that I was stretching myself. Probably not. I looked like I was doing something I've done and enjoyed for years. But I knew. And I was happy.

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