Saturday, January 7, 2012

Run Hope Run

I ran today. On purpose. I was not being chased.

I used to run regularly, but that was in my other life. Pre-husband, pre-"real job", pre-baby. I have been pretty much doing yoga exclusively as my formal exercise for years. I haven't fun in forever, but a friend asked me if I wanted to start running with her- she wanted to start and wanted a buddy.

If she had asked me even two weeks ago, I probably would have said "No thanks, I'll stick with yoga", but because it's now 2012 and I am all about stretching and extending myself- albeit in little ways- I said "Sure".

At worst, I hate it and decide not to continue. At best, I enjoy it and renew an old hobby.

It was not a long run (not even a little) but it was hard. In a good way. I enjoyed the challenge.

This is an interesting year already.


  1. Yay for you! Look at all these new challenges you are taking on in this new year. Was it a Freudian slip when you said ,"I haven't fun in forever"?

  2. It very well could have been haha!