Monday, January 2, 2012


I was going to title this post "Beginnings...and Endings", but as I am trying to be positive, I want to frame my language in as positive a way as possible. Endings aren't always negative, but in the way the title would be intended, it would be negative, so...we shall go with just..."Beginnings".

2012: The Year of the Question Mark

I thought last year was the year of the question mark, but 2011 turned out to be Year of Practicing for the Year of the Question Mark. The Pre-Question Mark Question Mark, if you will.

I am so sporatic at posting that I don't know if I mentioned last year that my husband was applying for jobs that would most likely take us out of my beloved state. Last year however, he knew he had another year at his current job if things didn't pan out, so he only applied for the jobs he liked the most, leaving those that weren't that exciting to him. He got two (very impressive if I do say so myself) interviews, and was in the top two choices for both but ended up not being the first pick for either. That was ok. His job where we are is temporary, but he had another year to try again.

So this fall, the job hunt began anew, but this time more seriously.  Because I am a total dork, I made a spreadsheet- and my spreadsheet tells me that he applied for 49 positions, in 29 cities, 17 states, and 3 countries (other than the US). He has gotten 12 interviews so far- which is awesome- and a few more might trickle in this month. These interviews are all over the place- pacific northwest, south, northeast, midwest, west, and the UK. So much for narrowing down my possibilities to a general area.

Since there are no jobs where we currently reside, we will be moving to an unknown location in the summer/fall of 2012- and because I have lived here, have my friends here, and family here, it is easy for me to think that some things are "ending". However, I refuse to succumb to negative word choices. Nothing is ending, old things may be changing, new things are beginning. And that is an exciting thought.


Side Note-

Dear Readers That Live In The Interview Cities: Be warned- I may pretend that we are friends if I am forced to move somewhere I know no one. :)

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