Tuesday, January 3, 2012

That Weird Blog No One Ever Talks About

Every family has one.

I once had another blog. Oh, a fun, clever blog, that I enjoyed writing until:

I got too tired of trying to be clever.

Thus, Eco-ing Myself was born, where cleverness happens by accident (...maybe?...) every once in awhile, but it isn't expected.

I hope.

Anyhow, that blog still exists and although I don't post on it anymore, I DO still find some of the posts entertaining, so during this "Post Everyday Bootcamp Why Am I Doing This? Experiment" of this the first month of 2012- I will be reposting some of my favorites from my old blog. As not to overwhelm myself with posting EVERY. DAY. when I have not posted everyday...er...ever.
To start off, I will repost those posts having to do with the only other time I tried to post everyday, which was NABLOPOMO of 2007. (Remember NABLOPOMO? It still exists in conjunction with BlogHer.)

Well, let me tell you, NABLOPOMO 2007 was a failure for this particular blogger.

But the related posts were amusing.



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