Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Disposal of the Daily Dirt

I was over at The Greenists today (which is a really cool site- thanks to The Daily Tannenbaum for the link) and I happened upon an interesting post that looks at the environmental impact of plastic grocery bags. This is an important issue and one for which I would like some insight. I posted something similar in the comment section over there, but thought that I might post it here as well in an attempt to get some suggestions.

I live in the city and have two dogs. Two dogs that poop. Being a good resident and neighbor, I pick up that poop. Normally for that purpose, I use the plastic bags that I get from the store-or that my parents get (they give me their extra for that purpose)- so I’m re-USING, but not really re-CYCLING since in the end the bags still end up in the trash. The greenest option for shopping is of course the re-USABLE bag- I have one and use it when I remember to bring it (Note to self: get better at remembering this!)- but reusable bags don’t help me pick up and dispose of the dog poo I'm faced with on a daily basis.

I would really appreciate any suggestions on the greenest way to clean up after your pet. Just to give you an idea of what I have to work with, I live in a small row house with a tiny backyard, so space is at a minimum. I’ve seen biodegradable poo bags, but are they truly ‘green’?

Please leave suggestions in the comments if you have any ideas for me. I would really appreciate any insight and would like to make whatever earth-friendly change I can while dealing with a daily chore.


  1. Why don't you take the dogs to poop in someone else's yard? You can just leave the poop there if no one's looking.

    I kid, I kid. Seriously though, my mom keeps a plastic bag and a little shovel in the back yard, and she just lets one bag fill up over the course of the week. If the dogs do their business in the yard you could use a steel bucket and shovel and voila, no plastic.

  2. I have this dilemma too when I take my dog out - as infrequently as I do. A company called biobagusa .com has biodegradable dog poop bags.