Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Faux Ham is Good Ham and Taco Tuesday Goes Vegan

Well...Operation Recycle is still in the Find a Bin stage. Yes...I know. How hard is finding a receptacle to throw your recycling in?! Not hard. But unfortunately...this is Wants to Be Green meets Huge Slacker with More than a Pinch of Procrastination. Basically...I suck. I just haven't gotten down to my basement to find something to put the stuff in so that we're not All-Trashcan-All-the-Time. I'll get there- I promise...

So why don't we talk about something else. Lets talk about...SMARTDELI!

I love it. I have been trying to be budget conscious and take my lunch to work with me...an idea that usually dies within two days because I get so bored with what I pack, but not so this time! It's been almost three weeks (a record, believe me) and I attribute that to the fact that I love the sandwiches that I make with Smartdeli faux ham slices. Just Smartdeli (I don't even need a full serving which is four slices. Two are plenty, which helps the package last longer) a slice of cheese or two, mustard, and a dab of mayo. So...not so vegan, but vegetarian for sure. I'm sure you're thinking from that description...boy she's a simple soul and...you're right. It's not even fancy mustard. It's YELLOW. What can I say, I have cheap taste, but if it helps me keep my spending down by bringing my lunch (in my reusable lunch bag of course!) and helps me keep lunch vegetarian...than whee! I shall rock on with my simple cheap tastes.

Speaking of vegan however...today's project is VEGAN lunch. I bring my lunch every day but Tuesday- which is Taco Tuesday for me and a friend. We go to Chipotle and usually I'm not even quite vegetarian because I get the pinto beans...which have bacon in them. So I have been trying to get the black beans instead...but it's been a slow change because the pinto beans are slightly yummier. Probably BECAUSE of the bacon. DOH. Today's challenge though is to go VEGAN with it...just to see if I can find a combination of ingredients that will still get me as revved up for Taco Tuesdays as my former combination, but without the cheese and sour cream (which...I'm not going to lie...are kind of my favorite part).

Wish me luck and I'll let you know how it goes!

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