Friday, August 14, 2009

Operation Recycle

Ok, today begins operation recycle, which entails the monstrous and muy difficult task of...finding a receptacle. My neighborhood has recycling pick up, we don't even have to sort it anymore, so all it takes is one bin. Seriously? Is that all that's been keeping me from doing the number one easiest thing to help the environment?!


But...ah well. I'm doing it now right?

The other project on my list for today is to find a bug repellent for a three month old that doesn't make me feel that slathering him in it will cause him to grow a third arm. It's been really wet this summer and the mosquitoes are killer, and to make it worse, my front porch seems to be where they all congregate to loiter around like juvenile delinquents. So he really needs something, but I have no idea what would be ok for him and which isn't made from 100% scary chemicals. If anyone happens to be reading this (...anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) please let me know if you are aware of an effective natural mosquito repellent for a wee babe.

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