Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life Smells Like a Rose When I'm in Tree Pose

For Christmas, I got three new yoga DVDs, which is fantastic since I'm doing yoga six days a week. The three others I had were getting a little tired. I still love them, but it will be nice to have variety. Two of the ones I requested I owned long ago, but which have since disappeared or are too scratched to play. It was one of these I did today- Yoga for Stamina with Rodney Yee. Since I lost my old copy, its been awhile since I did this practice, and it was so great to do it again. It was like hanging out with an old friend.

Two of the things I love most about it is that it includes bow pose and tree pose, which my other practices don't include. (I know I could do them on my own...but...I don't.) I love tree pose. Even though at the moment, I can only lift my one leg to the knee of the anchoring leg, it was still great to be in this pose. I know that eventually my bent leg will move up higher, and that will be cool, but I'm not in a rush. It was good to just be back in this pose. I will have to look up what this pose is good for- I'll get back to you on that. Maybe I love it so much because my body needs it. (Note to self: Look up Tree Pose)

Its really nice to have new practices and I don't know if it was the practice, or the Joy essential oil blend I had dabbed on my temples before I started (thanks dad!), or both- but I feel super relaxed and re-focused now.

Yay for Yoga!

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