Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Reflections

It's the day after Christmas and I sit in my over sized chair with my dogs, watching the snow and the football game. I'm happy and content. I had a wonderful holiday relaxing with family and friends- it was so fun to see the Sweet Baboo open his gifts and then spend the day playing with them.

I was really happy with the gifts I got everyone- I didn't overspend, but got things I really thought each individual would like. Some of them I made, some of them gave back to indigenous artisans in their country of origin, and some were from regular ol' stores. I was a good balance.

Of course, not overspending is a learning process and which this year required a drive to four different stores with a toddler in tow to return things I went overboard with. Doh! Granted, that part was a pain, but the end result was that I got that money back, and that I didn't give people a bunch of 'extras' that weren't really necessary, and didn't add to anything. The gifts I did end up giving were well thought out and appreciated and that made me happy. Maybe next year I can do that without visits to various return counters. Ha! Goals, I got 'em.

I hope you all out there in your own homes, with your own families, after your own holidays, are feeling content and peaceful as well.

Here's to a happy end of 2010.

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