Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten Things to Do In (The Rest Of) 2010

There are some things I want to do before the close of 2010, so instead of letting the end of the year just zoom by like it usually does, I thought I'd put them into a list and blog on them as they occur.  This gives me something to blog about as well as helps me complete my list. WIN WIN!

So here's the list (brought to you by my friend here, Mr. Guinness Guy In A Kilt):

  • Send (and actually mail) ALL the Christmas Cards I intended to in the first place
  • Adopt a Turkey from Farm Sanctuary
  • Read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  • Make a Victorian Christmas...something
  • Write one post a week to finish up the year at The Queen's Scullery
  • Make a pillow for my mom
  • Help Cameron make a Christmas present for his godmother and my aunt
  • Bring my plants inside before they freeze to death
  • Finish reading Black Beauty 
    And last but certainly not least...


      I know, I know! I'm a party a minute! Try to contain your excitement while waiting for the posts on my list completion!


      1. I'm inspired to make a list like yours too - great idea! The stay awake for New Years point...that's going to be difficult. lol

      2. OH I hear ya. My husband and I are usually nodding off on the couch by around 9:30! :)