Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Well, yesterday after writing a blog in the morning, it set the tone for a really nice day. Even though I wasn't writing anything exciting, just the act of making time to write something made me feel like I was taking control of my creativity and drove out the feeling that I am being pushed along without having time to do things that nurture me. So even after just a small amount of writing, it made my whole day better- which is sort of weird to me, but I'm not going to argue with it, I'm going to try to learn my lesson and make time for creativity. Even five minutes.

Moving on.

Today is another beautiful day and since I don't really have anything plans, I think I'm going to take the opportunity to play in the dirt (or prepare things for future playing in the dirt.) I am really excited because this week the hostas I planted last year (which I got cheap off of craigslist- LOVE craigslist) are coming up again! My front "yard" is just a small plot of mulch that my landlord put down before we moved in. I wanted to do more with it last year, but because of the fact that for most of the spring/early summer I was either pregnant or recovering from a C-section, it didn't get done, which was disappointing. I did get the hostas thrown into the dirt, but that's about it. So I'm REALLY excited that they took, and I'm really excited to plant more things this year.

My current plan is to use an old blue sink basin that I saw in my dad's greenhouse last week to plant some impatiens or some other annual, and then plant perennials in the rest of the space. I like plants that come back every year. Less work (and money) for me.

I think the sink basin will look cool. Hopefully my neighbors across the street will think so too, they're the sort to call my landlord and complain if anything doesn't jive with their sense of lawn propriety. I think they all need other hobbies besides getting their panties in a wad over what everyone else is doing, but whatever. :)

So, to document my is the "before". You can see the hostas peeking through and some unsightly piles of leaves from when I raked the other day. Flowers forthcoming.

Whee for spring!

Oh...and the porch. The porch will probably be my first project, because....


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