Monday, September 20, 2010

Initiative. I gots it.

Update!....I've actually been doing what I said I was going to do (this isn't a regular occurrence for me when I set goals for myself). Since I didn't get the teaching job, I've really been working to start getting my small side business up and going. I've painted several shirts and have received four orders already!  (From friends and family, but STILL, that's where it starts right?)

Here is some stuff I've done already.

This is an outfit I painted for a friend to give to a one year old for her birthday.

Detail of the birdhouse on the leg:

Below is a shirt I painted for my son to wear. I picked the maple leaf as a nod to his half Canadian heritage and it says Fall because I'm so excited for it!


This is one I painted for my neice.


So anyway, I've actually had some follow through lately. Let's hope I keep it up! I think it will though, I've really been enjoying it! :)

To close, here a picture of one of the designs in action. To practice the birds in the first design, I painted them on an old blank onsie from Walmart that the Baboo had in his collection. Here is is wearing it!

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